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Art on Disk Laser prints
Emailed Typesetting required
Film Furnished Bleeds (Ink goes off the edge of the paper)
Screens (The ink prints at 10%, 20%, etc.)

What Size is your project? (If it folds, give flat and folded size):

Cover Text
Gloss Matte
Non-Gloss Linen
Wove Laid
Columns Fiber (Little Specks of color)
Cast Coated Gloss (Very Shiny - Cover Only)

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1 Side only 2 Sides

Foil Emboss Drilling Holes
Saddle Stitch Booklet Foil Stamp
Numbering in red or black
Blind Emboss
Folding Perforating

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All estimates are based on the information provided by you and may require adjustment after we see the actual project. If you have samples you would like to email, send them to